MotorCycle Suspension Service

Riding motorcyles is our passion. After many years of riding, and modifying motorcycles for expedition and long distant travel use, I realized that adventure travel by motorcycle has special requirements. Factory suspension wasn't design for sustained long distances with the additional loading required for travel. Anyone who has stock suspension and wants to ride the world needs our services.


Our shop specializes in the unique demands of riders and the environment they operate in. We speak adventure travel, and motorcycles. We can help make your bike set up perfectly for you.

Vehicle Parts, Accessories and Recovery Equipment

Expedition travel by vehicle has special requirements that factory and off the shelf parts often don't meet. Kathora Gear provides solutions for people who need the best parts and components to take them to the wild places of the world. We carry and help assist in the set up of your expedition rig with only the strongest, and reliable parts. 


If you have a specially equipped vehicle with the intent to travel in, you've found the best source for the experience, and expertise to help you make that happen.

Tough Dog Suspension Exclusive North American Dealer

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