At ADV Suspension, we are able to offer you specialized suspension services to meet your needs. We have experience rebuilding, revalving, installing emulators, resealing, and configuring spring rate. We can help with all your motorcycle suspension needs.


Adventure Bikes
We have the experience and understanding required to really dial an Adventure Bike in. Perfect tuning requires the understanding that the bike is a pavement as well as off road motorcycle. I can help you tune the suspension specifically for you, and your needs. Everyone needs suspension set up for them, especially when loaded down with gear and accessories. Don't be fooled into the notion that any suspension guy can set up your bike. You understand that it's not a motocross bike or a road racer. It's a specialized machine.



Scooters are often overlooked for their suspension needs. The geometry is extremely different than a traditional motorcycle, and the conditions they ride in are different. We have the experience and expertise to tune your scooter to you and your needs. You can make a scooter ride well with the right work. Shock Replacement is not always the answer.


Stock Shock Rebuilds
Often times it is believed that a stock shock needs replacement. Usually a stock shock is every bit as good as a high priced aftermarket shock, but is not rebuildable. We have had really good success rebuilding stock shocks on BMWs with Showa shocks. Often times the money saved from buying a new shock can be spent correctly setting up the original shock. Plus when we are done with it, it's now a rebuildable unit.


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