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Scooter suspension tuning is rare in the United States. Scooters demand a different skill set than a motorcycle suspension. Due to the small tire sizes, and low cost of the scooters, the suspension is often the easiest place for the manufacturer to cut cost.


We can help you get your scooter suspension set up for you. The springs are almost always way too light for an American sized rider, and since the quality is bad to start with, the springs are sagged. 


Don't be fooled into thinking that buying a new sport shock online is the answer. Most often those shocks are marginally better than stock and very expensive. If you already have a rebuildable shock, than we can revalve and spring it for your needs. If you don't have a rebuildable shock, than we can help source a good shock, and set it up for you. We can make you Biubo shock rebuildable, and are one of the only shops that carry rebuild kits for Bitubo shocks.


Don't ride a scooter with bad suspension. It can be fixed!!!

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